Each Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression System component has been designed with the needs of dentists in mind. By combining plastics with aluminum, we’re able to develop a lightweight, but stable, digit power™ Dispenser that handles with complete precision. Its regulator offers four speeds for ultimate flow control. The reformulated Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Wash Material is 20% stronger* than leading competitive wash materials, ensuring margins stay intact. And, the intrasulcular tip goes straight into the sulcus for direct wash material placement. All you’re left with is a faster, less demanding procedure and impression outcomes you can rely on.


digit powerTM Dispenser

Featuring a pen-style, ergonomic design, the digit power™ Dispenser offers a balanced, comfortable feel for both right-handed and left-handed dentists. A four-speed regulator varies the flow of the wash material. It also adapts to both traditional and continental delivery units, plus works with three popular quick-connect options or ISO-threaded connectors.

- Air-Powered Delivery System
- 4-Speed Regulator Control
- Comfortable Pen-Style Hand Piece
- Compatible With Most Chairside Air Lines
- Three Popular Quick Connect Options or ISO Threaded Connectors

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Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Wash Material

With an intraoral work time of 35-seconds for a single unit and 1-minute for a multi unit, Cordless Wash Material protects you with precisely filled cartridge units that can be extruded within the intraoral work time. Plus, it allows for additional tray seating time.

- Single & Multi Unit Cartridges
- Super-High Tear Strength
- Fast Set Time
- Accurate, Thin Margins
- Scannable Without Post Impression Treatment

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Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Tray Material

The comfort of your patient is important, and so is your time. Enjoy quick impression procedures with 3-minute mouth removal time for a single unit and 4.5-minute mouth removal time for multi-unit cases.

- Heavy Body Viscosity
- Designed for use with Tissue Managing Wash Material
- Scannable
- Available in 50mL and DECA™ (380mL)

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digit powerTM Mixtips & Intrasulcular Tips

Both you and your patients will enjoy easy sulcus placement through ultra-fine intraoral canula tips.

- Ultra-Fine Tip for Direct Sulcus Placement
- Easy Sulcus Access
- Preassembled Mixtip and Intraoral Tip

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B4® Pre-Impression Surface Optimizer

After you apply your hemostatic agent to control bleeding, rinse and apply B4 solution to prep the surface.
– Surface Optimizer to Equalize Surface Tension

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