From the procedure to real dentist reactions, check out Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression System in action.

Dr. Leon Gerard, D.D.S.

Dr. Tim Bizga, D.D.S.

Dr. Doug Lambert, D.D.S.

Rick Kolber, C.D.T.

Dr. Stephen D. Poss, D.D.S.

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Dr. Dana Spano, D.M.D.

Dr. John Brockman, D.D.S.

Dr. Andrea Puddicombe, D.M.D.

Aquasil Ultra Cordless Testimonials

“You can see how the pressure of the injection system forced the wash material deep into the sulcus. No lab should have a problem reading these impressions. I don’t have to pack cord all the time anymore. My patients appreciate it too. Wow! It’s a whole new world!“

– Dr. Leon Gerard, DDS
“Aquasil Cordless is the best impression material that I have used in my 18 years of practice. I love having the confidence to know that I will not need a retake. The detail and lack of voids or pulls is remarkable. The unit is perfectly engineered for controlled syringing of wash/light body material. Impressions are more precise than digital impressions that I have tried, ensuring a restoration with perfect margins.”

– Dr. Weintraub, DDS
“With the Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression System you absolutely avoid causing trauma to the tissue by injecting the impression material right into the sulcus.”

– Dr. Mike Bundy, DMD
“As a full time polyether user, I am amazed with the ease of operation and impression detail that I receive every time I use this system.”

– James L. Soltys DDS, Victor, NY
“Combining the Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression System with its B4 pre impression wetting agent, I achieve the detail and accuracy necessary to provide my patients with top quality restorations. My laboratory loves the impressions and the patients appreciate the lack of remakes when using this product.”

– Brian S. Nylaan DDS, Grand Rapids, MI
“The AUCTMIS provides an easy to and use predictable way of obtaining accurate and detailed impressions without the need to use of retraction cord. The sulcular tip allows for precise sub-gingival placement of impression material.”

– William J. Geyer DDS, Lutz, FL
“I saw the ads online and was interested so I bought it on the condition I could return it if it did not work. No you can’t have it back! It really works.”

– Adrien W. Mercier, Jr. DDS, S. Dartmouth, MA
“The Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression System has provided me with consistently accurate impressions that have both saved time and minimized tissue damage surrounding the prep.”

– Scott Bodyfelt DMD, Tigard, OR
“I have been practicing dentistry for over 25 years and rarely is there a product that impresses me. Aquasil Ultra Cordless is amazing! Not only does it save me time and the aggravation of packing cord I get a perfect impression every time…I'm impressed.”

– Donna J. Fraser DDS, Williamsville, NY
“This product is a real time saver and simple to use. Nice detailed impressions with most cases.”

– Michael Van Leeuwen DMD, Salt Lake City, UT
“This system removes the stress involved with cord placement. I strongly recommend it.”

– Louis J Schiumo DDS, Lancaster, NY
“Aquasil ultra cordless creates an ease of flow of material with no air bubbles or stoppage of material due to its constant flow of air pressure making the impression taking more predictable. Especially with the use of B4.”

– Raffi Leblebijian, DDS, Kankakee, IL
“AUC is extremely valuable in cases with little/limited access with conventional delivery tips and where little sulcus depth exists. It has great tear strength and delivers great impressions where other material come up short.”

– Richard I. Hogan, DDS, FAGD, Burlington, NC
“Awesome system this is a need for your office not a want. Just buy it and you will fall in love with this system as I have. No stress ...No Fuss. This system makes taking an impression soooo easy THE FIRST TIME...”

– Ed Tobias, DDS, Barrington, IL
“I love the color and contrast, along with the high tear strength. We also like the deliver system. Easy to use.”

– Billy S. Pealock, DMD, Lawrenceville, GA
“The Aquasil Ultra Cordless is easy to use. It is less evasive on the patients tissue. As well as cuts a little time off of chairtime. Excellent product!”

– Dewayne Jones, DDS, Smyrna, TN
“The ease of which you can inject the material through the much smaller than normal tips is of great value to me personally due to arthritis conditions in my hands that would make this very difficult. The small tip allows you to get interproximally in even the tightest spaces with unbelievable ease and injects subgingivally under pressure more consistently, giving better impressions.”

– Jeffrey A. Heck, DDS, Mt. Prospect, IL
"Had to tell you that the DigitPower (Aquasil Ultra Cordless) by DENTSPLY is an incredible improvement in impression taking. The impressions are flawless with great detail and outstanding sulcus penetration."

– Doug Weber, DDS, Michigan City, IN
"If I had not experienced it with my own hands and seen it with my own eyes, I'm not sure I would have believed that I could have achieved these results without retraction cord."

– Michael J. Melkers, DDS, Hanover, NH